Partner Acrobatics Advanced Acro Intensive

Join us and Partner Acrobatics for 10 days, 11 nights of high level acro training. This intensive will focus on more difficult tricks, geared towards the intermediate/advanced practitioner.  If you want to refine your technique in hand to hand and other standing skills, come dial in your current challenges, learn the tricks you covet, and do it all in a supportive community full of lightness, laughter, and general shenanigans.

No partner necessary, however if you expect to be training with someone of a particular level we recommend you bring that partner.  While we have a basic level of prerequisite but there is always a blend of experience level.

The price of the training include all classes, accommodation, food and a 30 min private in the longe with your partner or another student from the training

A taste of the material we will be training ……


•Handstands on body parts

•Pops to h2h on L base

•2 high mounts

•Standing hand to hand and reverse hand to hand

•Different entrances into standing h2h

•F2H standing and various entrances

•High transitions




The program is complemented with daily prehab sessions. Functional exercises for balanced training, reducing pain, improving performance and recovery time.  We will focus on pulling, low gait work, sequencing and coordination.

Early Bird (discounted price)

Paid in full before Feb 15th, 2018 (50% refundable before April 1st)

Shared room – 1300 Euros
Camping(bring your own tent) – 1000 Euros
Regular Price

After Feb 15th, 2018 (50% refundable before April 1st)

Shared room – 1700 Euros
Camping(bring your own tent) – 1400 Euros

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